MOR Food & Supply is a family-owned company that has been serving businesses in Texas and has recently expanded throughout the United States. We are a certified distributor for multiple companies and supply our clients with quality products. We want to be part of your seamless supply chain and help keep your product flowing to meet your customer demand. MOR Food & Supply is dedicated to the growth, and success of our clients and industry. 


Erika Morgan


Erika Morgan was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, she attended Brownsville High School and went on to attend the University of Texas at Austin to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Science. While at the University of Texas, she learned about becoming a good businesswoman and how proper nutrition is an important part of life for herself and others. Upon completing her degree, Erika returned to the valley and supervised a Cameron County WIC Clinic. She then went on to become President of Siempre Grocery for 10 years. After leaving Siempre, she decided to support and be an active partner in her husband’s vegetable- growing business. Although they no longer take part in commercial farming, Erika continues to grow organic vegetables in her personal garden and is actively involved with her local community garden as well. Today, Erika is President of MOR Food & Supply and growing the business to the next level alongside her team. She is dedicated to the growth and success of her clients, partners and, employees.

Tyler Morgan

Chief Operating Officer

Tyler Morgan 

Cristina Limas

Vice President

Cristina Limas